Dawn of the New Day
Come unto me, my people, for you have resided outside of my being long enough.  You have neglected,
shunned even, the way of those before you.  The very memory of my beloved apostles has been shamed,
blackened even, by your soiled hands and self-satisfying spirits.  ENOUGH is ENOUGH, saith The
Lord.  Are you not my inheritance bought at an unfathomable price at calvary?  How long will you allow Christ's
life moreover his death be in vain?

You have defiled my sanctuaries with man-made ideologies and dead worship.  I am broken hearted over this
sad state of affairs.  Did I not entrust you with all that is sacred?  Did I not give you my authority?  Yet, you
have become but a puppet upon Satan's knee.  Oh, Zion, my heart bleeds at even the thought of what you
could be if you would only YIELD, if you would once again embrace suffering and persecution, but in my
name, you dare to shrink away.  I, God, forbid it.  It would be better for you to denounce my name, than to
empty it of its power before the eyes of the world around you.

You have built temples of hypocrisy.  True worship ceases to exist, for you have loved religion more than the
Lord your God, as if religion can save you.  Without Christ reigning in its midst, religion is a dangerous form of
slavery.  It's cold, ritualistic confines, harden hearts, and blind eyes.  Even my elite have become it's prisoners.  
Did I not purpose my church to be a light unto the world?  Yet your very lives send the lost into a deeper

You have been all too content in just wetting your lips with salvation, yet you swallow eagerly unto drunkenness
from the chalice of sin and chaos.  REPENT!  Return unto me.  Leave all false pretenses where they lie.  
Strip yourself to the very bone and with weeping and mourning with broken hearts and contrite spirits, you will
find your way home.  You have not sought my voice in this last day, but I am The all powerful, faithful God,
hence I have sent out my voice unto you.  Follow it into the desert.  There, my people, I have prepared streams
of living water.  I have unplugged the wells of old.  Drink deeply my children and be healed.  Break open the
cistern of truth.  Let the water, there within, wash away your blackened foot prints that lead back to the
wilderness, to Egypt even! Let the good Lord rejoice, once again, over his people.  Let them, once again, set up
their camps within the confines of my grace.  Bask in my presence, that healing might find you.  

In ignorance, you have thought that a sick church could save a dying world.  Such are the carnal imaginings of
man.  Pray with all earnestness that I might heal you, that you might truly be healed, that I might save you, that
you might truly be saved, for the time is short, the hour is near and the work, OH, the work at hand is plentiful,
for your neglect has found you out!

Prepare yourselves, trim your lamps, for time, as you have come to know it, is but an illusion and will be forever
shattered in the twinkling of an eye.  Does the world with her increasing labor pains, screaming out unto men, not
testify that judgment day is but around the corner?  My people, you must stop living as if you've already
passed through Zion's gates.  It is not a time for peace, but a time to fight, a time to cross raging seas and climb
monstrous mountains.  It is a time to leave the comforts of your salvation, a time to take up the ranks on the
battlefield, the front lines, even.  You must live in and for truth, or else dare to die preserving it.  In this you will
find peace, in this you will find your crown.  AMEN.
AMEN!                AMEN!                AMEN!