Dawn of the New Day
Woe, to those vile teachers and false prophets who hold the very heart of my people prostrate.  How utterly
dark are the spirits of these ignorant men.  For who can manipulate the Lord God, he who was, is and will
always be.  Yet, have they not attempted this very feat in their great extortion of my sovereign word?  Is it not
written that the word became FLESH and dwelt among men?  Hence, they have disfigured my beloved son, if
possible, before the eyes of the world.  Oh, what punishment awaits such malign magicians, I tell you the finite
mind of man, wicked as it is cannot begin to fathom what awaits these servants of Satan.  In their quest for
control, they divide my people with holy things, they bring the very spirit of my people into unison with their dark
rooted imaginings and false doctrines the church, my church, is seething from the poison, that she has become
dependent upon.  For she has loved illicit luxuries, she has hiked her skirt up high for the wages of death.  She
has disrobed and righteousness lay at her bedside.  

Oh, my people, have you fallen so far from grace, that you have divorced yourself from the teachings of the
blessed apostles?  Did Paul not warn you about wolves in sheep's clothing and about churches claiming the
name of Christ, all the while, being synagogues of Satan?  When, oh when, will you wake from this satanic
slumber?  Oh, that you, with repentant hearts would make the painful and humbling journey back to truth.  
What hour is this, that my pastors, my priests, my prophets, my people even, should be employed with
darkness?  For you are laying bricks on enemy grounds, controlled by pharaoh, the very spirit of the anit-christ
among you.  You are egged on by the whip of wickedness, you are again erecting the tower of Babel.  With
blind eyes and hardened hearts, you have dared to call it church!  Thus, I have again loosed the spirit of
confusion unto you, again you are divided.

Awake, my people, come together under ONE spirit, they very spirit of Christ and tear down this structure
of sin.  Lay it bare forevermore.  Return to the ancient foundation, in which Christ is the capstone, on this, my
people, start ANEW!  Amen!
AMEN!                AMEN!                AMEN!