Dawn of the New Day
Oh, My beloved and bewildered people.  Open wide the doorways to your temples of treason.  For I, The Lord
God, am about to return unto you in the very fullness of my glory, in Christ Jesus.

 You have sought Me through carnal ministries and dead worship, your very hearts betray you.  For you have
been content in playing church when I have called you by My power to be the church to a dying world.  
Your feeble accomplishments testify against you, rotten fruit is what you placed before Me and you dared to
be proud!  I, The Lord am impatient, I am on fire with jealousy, for you have sold My glory for gluttonous gain.  
Have you forgotten Pentecost?  The very outpouring of My spirit and the power therein purposed for the
commission and call in Christ Jesus.  You have been all too eager to forge forward in carnality, as if My
church could be fueled by such futility.  How have you thought to fish for the spirits of men using worldly
bait?  This is an impossibility.  

 Return unto Me, My people, you have long forgotten the ways of old.  You have cut a new path that leads
only to failure and facades.  Ignorance of spirit has kept My people, My church in a state of infancy.  My
priests, even, are like babes, in comparison to their faithful predecessors.  They have loved the luxuries and
shelter, ignorance, and adolescence affords them.  WAKE UP, this is the LAST hour, the FINAL battle.  
Execute this hellish spirit of pretense you so love, that you worship even.  Silence the spirit of perversion
running ramp id among you.

 Oh, your sins, how heinous, how grotesque.  Have I not entrusted you with My blessed church, yet you
divide the indivisible using that which is Holy, like baptism and Pentecost, thus dismembering your savior,
Christ Jesus.  You pick and choose from the word of truth, nullifying its power and the gifts thereof.  You
minister to yourselves while the world stands at a far and scoffs at you and your hypocrisies.  I tell you they
are right in doing so.  If only you might recognize your betrayals against your savior.  I have lit the fuse,
the destruction of this dark empire you dared to call church is at hand.  FLEE!  That you might find freedom to
start a new.  My children the first brick to be laid is that of REPENTANCE!  Pray that you might see the true
agenda of your hearts, that you might be healed in spirit and truth.  MY CHURCH MUST KNOW
ABSOLUTE RESTORATION AND HEALING before she can be effective in this demonic

 How clever is your adversary, how utterly wicked that he has disguised himself as the Christ before the
blind eyes of My people.  They have been ever so eager to follow him.  How long will you ALLOW the
antichrist to sit on the throne forged for the slain lamb in My House, amongst My people?!!  Be ALERT, listen
to the spirits at work around you, for I have NOT sent these unto you.  You have sought them out in your
quest for self-preservation.  How pitiful is man that he thought to run My church, all the while being a puppet on
satan's knee.  FIGHT, My children unto death, if need be, to restore and rebuild what you, yourselves have
defiled and destroyed.  Raise high the banner of glory once again.  I demand My church as an offering, cast all
others aside, that I might reign once again.  You have been headless for far too long, a body unto your own
ambitions and desires, flailing around unrestrained.  Find the spirit of unison and obedience once again, marry
them with repentance and sacrifice, then and only then will My church, My people, My beloved children be
victorious as heaven has willed.  Amen.
Dawn of the New Day
AMEN!                AMEN!                AMEN!